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Serendipity - Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

Texture – Guest photographer Natalia Maks invites you to find unexpected textures in the world around you.

Textures is everywhere, part of everything. The absence of texture is itself texture. Sometimes, texture is the most important part of a photograph. More often, it is the subtle difference between a great picture and a good one.

The texture of rock contrasted with the silkiness of water and reflection.


What texture is the sky? I often wonder as I try to capture clouds or a seamless bright blue day.


The bark on trees, the capillaries on a leave, the fuzziness of a flower petal. Texture tells its own story.


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Hi, my name's Aisha and I am 24 years of age. I'm passionate about writing poetry. Sometimes, I don't know how to convey my thoughts in normal conversation but I can spin off a poem about what I am feeling in 5 minutes. Or less. Writing is my thing. Like it is a lot of people's 'thing' and sometimes the only 'thing' that is a sufficient outlet to stop us all from going crazy. There's a lot of pain and anxiety in my poems, but often relief, which I find hard to convey but manage to slip it in at the end with a reference from the Quran or a hadith. If you feel you recognise this same emotional attachment to words, then feel free to read my blog and do not hesitate to contact me, comment and subscribe! Peace, Aisha -a.K.a-

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