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Perfect Storm

I refuse to be motivated by this world

I refuse to over-indulge

or self-expose

or dispose of history

as they would want us to

I refuse to be motivated by this world

put pressure on myself

success in this world

does not beat the success guaranteed to me

by God

I refuse to be motivated by this world

And I will march head on into the rain

and shout to the world as they hide behind their walls

that I refuse to settle in this system

and I shall dance in the rain

and parade my aspirations

I shall speak to every running leaf, every howl of the wind, and every tear-drop from the sky

and we shall be free until we are tired

by then the world will be awake and know not of the perfect storm that has been.




Hi, my name's Aisha and I am 24 years of age. I'm passionate about writing poetry. Sometimes, I don't know how to convey my thoughts in normal conversation but I can spin off a poem about what I am feeling in 5 minutes. Or less. Writing is my thing. Like it is a lot of people's 'thing' and sometimes the only 'thing' that is a sufficient outlet to stop us all from going crazy. There's a lot of pain and anxiety in my poems, but often relief, which I find hard to convey but manage to slip it in at the end with a reference from the Quran or a hadith. If you feel you recognise this same emotional attachment to words, then feel free to read my blog and do not hesitate to contact me, comment and subscribe! Peace, Aisha -a.K.a-

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