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Mercy to Me

Her world was spinning, but she stood grounded, head bowed, grateful to her Lord.

She bowed some more, following the steps that would lead her to heaven’s door.

Then stood again, felt peace flow down her spinal chord

Then to the floor, she was the closest to Him, for sure.


Her prayers saw tears fall down her cheek Slowly making it known

That the heart is softened

With every praise or utterance

Through tears his mercy is shown


He shows you things you did not dare dream

He awakens in you the truth

He has shown you things before this day

but your mind was travelling aloof


Whether he reveal to you science, nature or feelings

Your soul is now awakened

So do not dare, transgress my dear

Back to the feet of Satan




Hi, my name's Aisha and I am 24 years of age. I'm passionate about writing poetry. Sometimes, I don't know how to convey my thoughts in normal conversation but I can spin off a poem about what I am feeling in 5 minutes. Or less. Writing is my thing. Like it is a lot of people's 'thing' and sometimes the only 'thing' that is a sufficient outlet to stop us all from going crazy. There's a lot of pain and anxiety in my poems, but often relief, which I find hard to convey but manage to slip it in at the end with a reference from the Quran or a hadith. If you feel you recognise this same emotional attachment to words, then feel free to read my blog and do not hesitate to contact me, comment and subscribe! Peace, Aisha -a.K.a-

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