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Remember the Reminders

Hello dear followers of ‘Words Unspoken Expressed Overtime’,

This is just a quick message to highlight that there is a new page up on my blog which will be different to my usual poetry posts in that it will provide insights into a major part of my life, which is my religion, Islam. It’s not going to be anything heavy, just light, easy to read, reminders for both Muslim and non-Muslim and it’s main focus will be on basics of humanity taken from the Quran and teachings from Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). For example, manners, respect, etiquettes etc-basic things which can really shed light on a person’s character and upbringing. There is an intro on the page now, check it out, the first post in “Remember the Reminders” will be published on Friday, God willing.





Hi, my name's Aisha and I am 24 years of age. I'm passionate about writing poetry. Sometimes, I don't know how to convey my thoughts in normal conversation but I can spin off a poem about what I am feeling in 5 minutes. Or less. Writing is my thing. Like it is a lot of people's 'thing' and sometimes the only 'thing' that is a sufficient outlet to stop us all from going crazy. There's a lot of pain and anxiety in my poems, but often relief, which I find hard to convey but manage to slip it in at the end with a reference from the Quran or a hadith. If you feel you recognise this same emotional attachment to words, then feel free to read my blog and do not hesitate to contact me, comment and subscribe! Peace, Aisha -a.K.a-

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