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BDS-Reebok Edition

Reebok announced that they will be releasing a new trainer in honour of Israel’s “independence” day celebrating 68 years of “independence”. A time remembered by Palestinians as the Nakba i.e. the catastrophe, and often used to spread awareness of Israel’s heinous crimes against humanity (crimes which are ongoing and as savage as they get), the Nakba was a moment where 750,000 Palestinians were forcibly removed from their homes and Israel was born.  A time where people simply wish to highlight the injustice that is constant and raise the Palestinian flag to show that some of us have not forgotten, and will not forget until Palestine is free again, is now the target of an attempted robbery. A time Israel and Reebok are now going to use to their advantage and profit from.

So, I just want to say to Reebok that I will never be purchasing one of your products. And the only way I would ever consider putting on a pair of these shoes is to step on the name of Israel. This is 68 years of terrorism and torture. Palestine will be free.




A murderer’s shoe has been inserted here for your viewing:


For a more detailed analysis by Ali Abunimah please follow the link below:

Reebok Tramples on Palestinians with “Israel 68” sneaker




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