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Just another wound

broken men soldier through life

picking up scars

from broken pasts and broken hearts

but they can’t cry

or speak

society does not permit

gravity to touch their tears

it makes them weak

so they sit mute

fading yet failing to disappear

persist in their hollow drama

whispering their pain to the back of their eyes

their dry eyes

and boiling temper

I look at you confused

my broken man

wondering why you won’t release your stress

and trust the security I offer you

Another wound

my broken man soldiers through life

deeper scars

from a broken past and a broken heart



“Soft hearted people are not fools, the know what people did to them but they forgive them again and again because they have beautiful hearts”

-Islamic Quote

(unsure of the writer)

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I could shake with fury
Anger blazing in my eyes
The tears could overspill
but in the end I’m stuck in this life

I could stand up and shout
Add levels to my height
Talk words that are harsh
until my throat burns dry

I could give up
just sit here let the world run by
Watch the explosions in my head
Time after time

I could do all these things
But what is the use
I’ll just sit here in shock
Whilst they figure out what to do.



Omran Daqneesh, Aleppo, 5 Years Old

Another child of war

Another victim of war

Another innocent destroyed

Another child with PTSD

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Second to Last

The cussing the fighting

the breaks and the crying

the pain is denying me

from even trying

What is the point.. when you’re missing the point

the defining part of everything’s gone.

You’re raising others on a platform where I stood,

So imma brush off my kicks and just stand where I’m stood

On my own two feet on my own misunderstood

With the weight of the world dragging out my blood

Just for once, just this once, don’t be blunt, spare my feelings, just for once sugar coat the feelings, or lack of, just for once

Just for once, just this once, don’t be blunt, spare me failure, just for once, sugar coat the feelings of failure just this once

Hard-work is a frame of mind and so is defeat

Hard-work can give you success but so can defeat

It’s harder to come up again when you’re feeling weak

but if you’re not tested in this world

your future is bleak!

It’s a lot when things get hard you’re meant to look at someone less

but I’m accustomed to striving for the best

If I put in the hours and graft you know that I want it

so when I cry at this test of Allah I’m just being honest

They say the answer will reveal how much effort you put in

but those grades don’t reflect my dedication

It’s blatant

In a system of division

Where only the strong from birth will conquer

Entering this competition

Is just cold-blooded murder

So it’s a lot it’s a lot

but you can’t quit now

because a quitter never made it off the ground

And what’s worse than failing is not trying in the first place

so even if I get up I’ll be aiming for second to last place

and that in itself is better than giving up

so fix your hijab, back straight and stick your chin up



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The Rant

Tests of all kinds

hitting me like the meteors

some eagerly await

I’m not playing

this is fear in my voice

my heads bowed in disgrace

you should wonder about your life here in this world

it’s so temporary

yet people fighting over class wars

and making enemies

it’s all fake

I made a mistake of falling for lyrics

until I started to create my own

to remind myself to stay with it

and now I share it

it’s great

why can’t we learn before we make mistakes

too many people walking around with misery

and heartache

jolting each other awake

there’s traps out here that kids learn how to set in school

imagine those sets they put you in

elevated you 

or downgraded you

where are you on this hierarchy my friend

coz I’ve got friends living in luxury

some on the government’s p’s

but make no error in judgement

there’s just as much dirty laundry in either estate

so put your negativity away

this life’s too short for class wars

if my accent offends you then that’s great

I walked past you and 

made you have an opinion of me

within a second

damn I prepped for nothing

my presentation might not be perfect

but I still kill it on wordpress

at least to me

even one reader who takes to these words

and elevates

is someone who I appreciate

take my words as a warning

like that of lowkey

it’s a shame

when people gotta learn from mistakes

of their own and not others

learn from history and don’t repeat

listen don’t be offended by my accent my religion

my appearance my criticisms

don’t be afraid

instead look at this world objectively

and realise that when something blows up on the media

it’s because something else is going on somewhere else

and distracting you

from something great

great don’t mean it’s goood

but it’s still make it great

open your eyes

next time come at me with more educated guesses

and we can sit around drink coffee and debate this

but the thing is

before I can lure you to listen

I already know it’s too late


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Of Anger of anger

There is a place where confusion and anger collide

The horns of devils and the wings of angels lock in a fit of war

Will peace override the torrents of fear seeping through your veins?

Will the angels flap their wings of light and elevate your pain

God has warned us against rashness, warned us to reconsider

When the clock ticks in the background as you shudder to remember

The warnings, the climax of emotion that overspill as tears

Of anger, Remember

It is better this way.