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Just another wound

broken men soldier through life

picking up scars

from broken pasts and broken hearts

but they can’t cry

or speak

society does not permit

gravity to touch their tears

it makes them weak

so they sit mute

fading yet failing to disappear

persist in their hollow drama

whispering their pain to the back of their eyes

their dry eyes

and boiling temper

I look at you confused

my broken man

wondering why you won’t release your stress

and trust the security I offer you

Another wound

my broken man soldiers through life

deeper scars

from a broken past and a broken heart



“Soft hearted people are not fools, the know what people did to them but they forgive them again and again because they have beautiful hearts”

-Islamic Quote

(unsure of the writer)

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You Might Think Feminism Is Dead

Feminism is not removing my hijab

Or burning bras

Swearing and shouting

because being ladylike is torture

Feminism is not saying I can do this

It’s saying I can do both

and more

It’s saying I can make change as PM

without using my power to go to war

It’s saying I can have an empire

waiting for me outside my door

and come home to my husband and kids

and take control

It’s being a supermum

and a superboss

a superchef, supercleaner

superfast car lego building, abs builder

It’s being everything and more

and nothing if I don’t want it

It’s having the choices and chances to inspire

create opportunities and fly higher

It’s being equal but embracing our differences

You might think feminism is dead

and I might agree with you to be honest





(Image taken from PlayBuzz)

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Round Circles


Eye for an eye just once

Not again


That was when the blame game started

Eye for an eye just once

Not again


Back and forth we went all day

That was when the blame game started

Eye for an eye just once

Not again

Four Times

Got kind of heated then relieved

Back and forth we went all day

That was when the blame game started

Eye for an eye just once

Not again

Fifth count

It was all over, on the floor she lay bleeding

Got kind of heated then relieved

Back and forth we went all day

That was when the blame game started

Eye for an eye just once

Not again.




*Image taken from BBC Webpage

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I could shake with fury
Anger blazing in my eyes
The tears could overspill
but in the end I’m stuck in this life

I could stand up and shout
Add levels to my height
Talk words that are harsh
until my throat burns dry

I could give up
just sit here let the world run by
Watch the explosions in my head
Time after time

I could do all these things
But what is the use
I’ll just sit here in shock
Whilst they figure out what to do.



Omran Daqneesh, Aleppo, 5 Years Old

Another child of war

Another victim of war

Another innocent destroyed

Another child with PTSD

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BDS-Reebok Edition

Reebok announced that they will be releasing a new trainer in honour of Israel’s “independence” day celebrating 68 years of “independence”. A time remembered by Palestinians as the Nakba i.e. the catastrophe, and often used to spread awareness of Israel’s heinous crimes against humanity (crimes which are ongoing and as savage as they get), the Nakba was a moment where 750,000 Palestinians were forcibly removed from their homes and Israel was born.  A time where people simply wish to highlight the injustice that is constant and raise the Palestinian flag to show that some of us have not forgotten, and will not forget until Palestine is free again, is now the target of an attempted robbery. A time Israel and Reebok are now going to use to their advantage and profit from.

So, I just want to say to Reebok that I will never be purchasing one of your products. And the only way I would ever consider putting on a pair of these shoes is to step on the name of Israel. This is 68 years of terrorism and torture. Palestine will be free.




A murderer’s shoe has been inserted here for your viewing:


For a more detailed analysis by Ali Abunimah please follow the link below:

Reebok Tramples on Palestinians with “Israel 68” sneaker


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Wrong words

Wrong moves

escalation of thoughts

Vivid memory of the last time

bruised skin, bruised ego





circling like a vulture

“so what we gna do?”




Domestic violence is a growing problem. Domestic violence is present, mishandled by the police and still ignored in many cultures. Considered to be a norm, or glossed over with excuses, it’s often too late. Be aware-spread awareness.

It’s not just a fist to the face. They lied when they said words don’t kill

Peace x

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Cut the chains

I detest the chains on the backs of ya

 Remember the Crusadors

It’s one thing after another

Politicians calculating our behaviour

Make us believe in peace

piece the pieces of peace back in place

belief and hot-headed glory

you believe will take you to Heaven’s gates’.

I detest the chains on the backs of ya

Wave to the slave trader

Knuckles bleed in protest

and the war-paint’s flagged on our faces

Streams- rivers of tears

You can die in those streams

But they’ll describe you as a roach

when you’re dead on the TV screen.

We detest the chains on the backs of ya

Awaiting the saviour

Too much confusion

Too many strangers

Cut the chains off and throw shade to the wagers

Retreat to safety

Steal glances at the traitors

Homebound safe and made it

Tend to your wounds alone

Pain but no screaming

No signs of a battle zone

Strength isn’t a demon

and in us all it’s so close

Cut the chains off the backs of ya

with words alone


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The Nakba 67

Today, people globally are commemorating The Nakba (Catastrophe) which occurred 67 years ago. May 15th 1948. 67 years ago the war and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people started and as we can see it continues to the present day. The Zionism agenda was pushed hard and Israel was born, displacing thousands of Palestinians and pushing them out from their homes with brutal force. All you have to do is go to Google Images and type in Palestine to see how it has significantly reduced and their freedoms have been taken from them. Yet they are portrayed as being the violent, blood-hungry, terrorists that Israel make them out to be. They have lost THEIR land, THEIR homes, everyday THEIR agriculture gets destroyed, they cannot leave due to closed borders, they do not get the medical help they need so most of them suffer from untreated illnesses. Children have serious mental health issues due to the fact that they have seen nothing but war and killing. Everyday. The number is well into the millions now and it will continue to rise if Israel are not stopped.   The ethnic cleansing has to end. It is a crime against humanity. Yet the world sleeps peacefully. Stand up today, wave a Palestinian flag in defiance, boycott Israeli goods, wear a badge, anything! Show your support and remember those who did not live to see their home be free. Let’s hope the next generation are able to see that day inshaa’Allah


The Catastrophe

I wave my flag in defiance for Palestine to be free

I don’t know them but they still my family

Brutal force used to kill children that’s a tragedy

And yet they are the evil ones

How can you look upon a baby girl and think she’s scum

and the world looks upon Israel like the victimised ones

That’s dumb

Instead of reading the papers use these tools to research yourself

You’ll find Israel never had their own wealth, and they got good health

and they murder with stealth yet you think they need help

It’s a joke

Wake up and smell that fresh blood in the air

from that last genocide that occurred last year

They tryna take Aqsa and as we commemorate Miraj tonight

I dare them to come and take our rights

I swear

The media called it the Arab Spring they aint seen nothing yet

Coz without a free Palestine, we won’t let them rest

I don’t use the term freedom in jest

Because it’s not a laughing matter

We’re seeing us go backwards and the higher ups enjoy the platters

while the refugees and minorities scatter

Because these military forces from armies to police

Hunting the black in America and the Arab in the Middle East

combat us then complain when we combat them

This a dangerous world but the voiceless will always win


palestinian-children-suffering images-5images-2uprooting-olive-tree Ethnically_Cleansing_Palestine images-3 nelson_mandela_palestinians_460images-4

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Terrorists in Uniform pockets full of Steel

Run for your life be light on your heels

Undercover thugs with their badges and their steel

Trigger happy pigs going back five decades

Remembering when you couldn’t even enter certain places

But what’s changed now?

You still see a brother running through the crowd

getting chased for being too black and proud

getting chased for using his voice and making sound

Uniforms are power and that just is the truth

Uniform speaks volumes even if it’s killing youths

Trayvon didn’t matter not to them not in the room

BANG BANG BANG George spitting on his tomb

Failed justice system

Failed government

Failing children

Failed president

You can sit in your cushy house nice and white

while your people getting slaughtered by the constitutional rights

You can sit with your family speak the Queen’s English

while the education system produces illiterates

Address the problems in your own society

before invading others

and making them your priority

betraying others

it’s a crime of superiority

and that just aint got a place in our struggle

So what’s gna change?

the blame lies where the blame is

and that just aint gna influence shit

So we stuck where we are

With nothing but words to translate the pain

of another man down and another betrayal

by the terrorists in uniform with pockets full of steel


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The dress that told lies

Ah the dreaded dress! Black, blue, white gold…

The dress that made headlines due to the individual viewers capacity to see a certain duo of colours is now being used for a far more deserving campaign. That is to raise awareness for domestic violence with the headline “Why is it so hard to see black and blue?” 


Led by the Salvation Army the campaign is making a strong statement with the caption “The only illusion is if you think it was her choice. One in six women are victims of abuse. Stop abuse against women.” When this dress first made the headlines I was one of the few who was not impressed by the tricks of light within the photo to either appear black and blue or white and gold. To me it was just a dress and there were far more urgent issues occurring in the world, which deserved more attention and media hype. However, that is often the case with social media. Urgent issues are ignored, whilst entertaining and bemusing ones are given heightened attention. (Queue: ice bucket challenge where most people forgot or were not aware of the cause behind the challenge.)

I’m thrilled that the Salvation Army has picked up on this opportunity to get people talking about domestic violence worldwide, especially in the wake of recent events in India regarding the ban of the BBC documentary on the rape and murder of Jyoti Singh committed in 2012. It’s so important that we continue to use the social media platform to encourage conversation and to break barriers. Utilise this platform to invoke people’s interests and spin them to channel more urgent matters; To take advantage of these tools available to us, to allow and encourage people to take responsibility and put more efforts into rehabilitation of offenders and most importantly victims.

We are living in a world which is getting smaller and smaller, where we are able to reach people from one end of the Earth to the other. From one end of the country to the other. From one end of town to the other. From one door to another. You never know what occurs behind closed doors and it is fundamental that we strive to eliminate these flaws in our society. In light of International Women’s Day [8th March], let us aim to reduce domestic violence cases, encourage women to make a stand in society and bridge that gap between man and woman for a more balanced society.

-a.K.a- “None but a noble man treats women in an honourable manner, and none but an ignorant man treats women disgracefully” Prophet Muhammad-peace and blessings be upon him.