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The Traveller

You can walk for days on end

in the blistering heat

cracked feet

eyes squinting as the Sun refuses to give way

the traveller’s prayers are destined to be granted

destiny always has a part to play

But that’s not why we take this path today

It seems we are unconsciously walking on

Wondering when we will find that force so strong

to rock our boat

set our compass

align the stars as one would say

so we can plod, we can glide, briskly or swiftly

we can stroll we can limp

but we’ll meet strangers

other travellers

trying to find where they are going

along this gravelly smooth jagged and open road

the high fast anxious seas

to our peaceful destination


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Black & White

It didn’t start with Hello

The conversation never started

Gifted are those Kings and Queens

that can always keep themselves guarded

Eloquent, elegant

they walk past each other in near silence

no clicking of heels

no jeering of voices

No excessive laughter

to the point where you have to question

Was it even funny?

or are they just politely listening

Fabric so soft, the wind dare not touch it

Rain does not infringe your modesty

Merely glides from it

and nature is admired

He likes the Moon

She the Roses

They never tire

in their amazement of their Master

They think she isn’t confident

But He who knows her knows her best

They think she is irrelevant

But the perfect human taught her best

They think he is boring

Yet they admire when he fasts all day

When he can say I’m not interested

When he can lower his gaze

Differences are celebrated

So why do people hesitate

We aren’t pro division

She’s black he’s white

and it’s okay





Islam is equality, but I see too much emphasis on race and culture. It is a learnt behaviour. He/she will learn it too. If they are perfect in every way, don’t reject them because of the way they look, because of the village he’s from, because of her surname. If their faith is strong, do not let it be difficult. People make life harder for themselves and place obstacles in their path that Islam has not placed there. Don’t be one of them.


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Cut the chains

I detest the chains on the backs of ya

 Remember the Crusadors

It’s one thing after another

Politicians calculating our behaviour

Make us believe in peace

piece the pieces of peace back in place

belief and hot-headed glory

you believe will take you to Heaven’s gates’.

I detest the chains on the backs of ya

Wave to the slave trader

Knuckles bleed in protest

and the war-paint’s flagged on our faces

Streams- rivers of tears

You can die in those streams

But they’ll describe you as a roach

when you’re dead on the TV screen.

We detest the chains on the backs of ya

Awaiting the saviour

Too much confusion

Too many strangers

Cut the chains off and throw shade to the wagers

Retreat to safety

Steal glances at the traitors

Homebound safe and made it

Tend to your wounds alone

Pain but no screaming

No signs of a battle zone

Strength isn’t a demon

and in us all it’s so close

Cut the chains off the backs of ya

with words alone


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I’m 1 years old today.

It literally feels like I’ve reached a goal-post

I’m one year on from that negative place

And I’m here. Not a step forward, but a whole leap

And I got here because of the mercy of Allah (swt)

To those who made this journey with me

I thank you and pray for your kindness to be rewarded-ameen

To mark today

Here’s a flashback to my first blog-post

That moment where everything changed. Enjoy.



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That’s just my luck.

Getting stuck behind a person walking slow

Stuck on a train

Stranded in the rain

Last in line

can’t hear my voice

can’t see my waving hand

can’t see my face in the crowd

that’s just my luck

or is it…

my personal blessing sent from Allah

Getting stuck behind a person so you don’t get hit by the car

Stuck on the train so you don’t

get caught in the rain

Caught in the rain so you can be the one to pray

for the rain brings blessing and du’ah gets accepted

can’t hear my voice because it’s part of my awrah

can’t see my waving hand,

because my next idea will be better

can’t see my face in the crowd

because He lowered my gaze to the ground

that’s just some of my blessings



“And He gave you from all that you asked from Him, and if you count the blessings of Allah, never will you be able to count them” Surah Ibraheem Verse 34 [14:34]

“You possess a diamond called Islam, don’t hide it away share the light of it with others”–Sheikh Anwar al Awlaki

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The heart bleeds what the eye takes in

Hush baby, cry not tonight

Sleep softly, and let the wave of fear be gone

Just as those nightmares you wait for

Eventually pass by


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Share your peace

I pose a question but you do not answer

I resist the temptation to ask your mother

She must know, a mother knows her child best

You bought me home she knew I was a cut above the rest


So why this distance? Why this struggle?

Why must we peddle these dirty puddles?

Why must we strive if we know not the goal?


Why bear the burden on our weak soles?





Our souls can take this, this is not pain, this yearning to understand everything around us instantly for gain, for peace or for wealth or for happiness it’s all gained instantly, through answers and ease so wistfully, but we are here to strive in situations like the current, not a walk in the park or a dip in the ocean, it must be a climb, it must be a strive, we must realise that there is only One that can make us survive.


Through prayer and patience He can help in any turmoil

When one is silent like you are now

Or one is in pain beneath the soil

When you’re struggling for words to let me in

I have a solution to help you begin

I gift you the Book with you He will share

What He once told me

“Allah does not burden a soul beyond that which it can bear”