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I’ll be here same place tomorrow

with my pen writing

thinking of words to sparks lights in the minds

of people deadened to hope

be strong

fight off the demons that are breeding

all day long

raise your voice a notch

watch people hear you

say something captivating

so when you lower your tone

those people strain to hear



that’s what we need more of

quiet wisdom

the day the ink runs dry

and the pencil snaps

I’ll lead the motivated

with my spoken words

but for now

accept these pieces of written tokens

take them as weapons of improvement

mark the page

flip a coin

collect in the movement

make a stand

together and join

the celebration of these talismans


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Cold. Empty. Drained.

The poison seeps through my blood seeking the revenge of an evil Queen

the evil stepmother, the bad fairy, the misbehaving doll

two worlds conflicting purposes

in a state of shock

the people awaken to the fury of the Earth

It rumbles the core of every creature within it

and throws them to ground

turning them into dust

the lie illuminates the dust 

the fairy dust

spreading through the land to start again

good prevails in this swollen disturbance 

and bad lies low 

waiting for man to rekindle the fire that is lying on the surface

dormant. sleeping. waiting.