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I’ll be here same place tomorrow

with my pen writing

thinking of words to sparks lights in the minds

of people deadened to hope

be strong

fight off the demons that are breeding

all day long

raise your voice a notch

watch people hear you

say something captivating

so when you lower your tone

those people strain to hear



that’s what we need more of

quiet wisdom

the day the ink runs dry

and the pencil snaps

I’ll lead the motivated

with my spoken words

but for now

accept these pieces of written tokens

take them as weapons of improvement

mark the page

flip a coin

collect in the movement

make a stand

together and join

the celebration of these talismans


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His Name Was Aylan Kurdi


All I want to do is go to school when I’m a big boy

Yesterday, we went on a big adventure

Little steps and big leaps we had to go in a boat

Ammi and baba were praying holding onto us tight

Nearly there”, so I thought the scary bit was over


Gasping for air, baba pushed us higher

Aylan’s tears were bleeding mirroring my fear

Last breath, then black and

It didn’t matter anymore



Realising how dangerous this voyage will be

Enveloping my children so that they’ll be protected

Help us please! We screamed so many times

Anything to bring our children to safety

Now we drift ashore and the cries echo back to your conscience


Abandoned our country we had to escape

Broke off our ties and went on our way

Desperately wanted to make our children safe

Undertook this journey that will haunt me till I leave

Longing for my babies back I’ll sit by them till I leave

Longing for my wife back I’ll sit by her till I leave

And now they want to help us but for me it’s too late

Humanity, a lesson-compassion is not a mistake


I have a problem with the world. Why has it taken so long for us to open our eyes? Did you not learn from history, the sole reason we preserve it and teach it. The sole reason that we will not repeat it? Headlines read it’s the ‘immigrant crisis’ but I just see humans fleeing problems the West has created, then left it. If you don’t want them to live in your country, don’t destabilise theirs, then leave them with no society. I’m not saying it’s all the fault of the West. Believe me, I’m not naive to politics. I’m just saying, there was a part to play when everyone got trigger happy and decided the ME was the next target. Responsibility, but first humanity. It is not a issue for politics, just open your eyes to the tragedy. We can’t even open up our homes for the children, because the rules are so set on people being homeless. It’s hopeless. Learn the meaning of migrant versus the meaning of refugee. Stop labelling and criticising. They say be real be practical, but I just can’t get past the anguish in their eyes. I don’t actually know how you sleep at night!?