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Strength in Walking 2

It was while she was running
Rainy days
Blistering winds
betraying tears
Forgiveness isn’t a friend of the stubborn
She had laughed in his face
Cried inside but showed no pain
Now it was while she was running
Traffic crunching along
Gravel sounds made her turn around
but she was still moving on
The shadow of the world
Shone through the hazy streetlights
and yet she ran
Hood pulled up. Close.
Hands shaking from misery
and exhilaration of defiance
It was while she was running
away from her mistakes
that she ran into freedom-
the freedom of walking away


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Strength in walking

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I’ll be here same place tomorrow

with my pen writing

thinking of words to sparks lights in the minds

of people deadened to hope

be strong

fight off the demons that are breeding

all day long

raise your voice a notch

watch people hear you

say something captivating

so when you lower your tone

those people strain to hear



that’s what we need more of

quiet wisdom

the day the ink runs dry

and the pencil snaps

I’ll lead the motivated

with my spoken words

but for now

accept these pieces of written tokens

take them as weapons of improvement

mark the page

flip a coin

collect in the movement

make a stand

together and join

the celebration of these talismans


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Second to Last

The cussing the fighting

the breaks and the crying

the pain is denying me

from even trying

What is the point.. when you’re missing the point

the defining part of everything’s gone.

You’re raising others on a platform where I stood,

So imma brush off my kicks and just stand where I’m stood

On my own two feet on my own misunderstood

With the weight of the world dragging out my blood

Just for once, just this once, don’t be blunt, spare my feelings, just for once sugar coat the feelings, or lack of, just for once

Just for once, just this once, don’t be blunt, spare me failure, just for once, sugar coat the feelings of failure just this once

Hard-work is a frame of mind and so is defeat

Hard-work can give you success but so can defeat

It’s harder to come up again when you’re feeling weak

but if you’re not tested in this world

your future is bleak!

It’s a lot when things get hard you’re meant to look at someone less

but I’m accustomed to striving for the best

If I put in the hours and graft you know that I want it

so when I cry at this test of Allah I’m just being honest

They say the answer will reveal how much effort you put in

but those grades don’t reflect my dedication

It’s blatant

In a system of division

Where only the strong from birth will conquer

Entering this competition

Is just cold-blooded murder

So it’s a lot it’s a lot

but you can’t quit now

because a quitter never made it off the ground

And what’s worse than failing is not trying in the first place

so even if I get up I’ll be aiming for second to last place

and that in itself is better than giving up

so fix your hijab, back straight and stick your chin up



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They said be subtle

don’t wear your emotions on your sleeve

for everyone to see

it aint fair

they’ll take your feelings 

so be aware

tread with care

maybe with some fear

the good kind

keep you on edge

not the edge of the cliff

but the edge of this fine line

between human and a robot

yeah right there

now swing both-ways

now and again

throughout the year

maybe a few times 

depending on what comes your way

and what you’re dodging



right left right left

just don’t stop

don’t get stuck in no limbo

coz nature will have you tip towards being human

your moral compass with go crazy

and you’ll be fuming


feeling gloomy

with all your pity and self-doubt 

that the world dumped on your shoulders

from their criticism and comments

likes and sore thanks

lucky they have a rewind button

they call it rehab

it’s when people don’t appreciate what they had

it’s quit sad

don’t play that card

unless shit gets real hard

then retreat and resume

back on that fine line 

that place in the middle

the heart versus the head

that place

i believe it’s called




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See Me (open letter)

Screaming through the silence

waiting for those screams back

it’s cold

but I don’t feel it anymore

the wind forces me to look down

while I’m still tryna fight

this war

too much for little shoulders

we floating on lifelines

looking life-like

but like those plastic models

you pay loads to go and see

just come out to sea

and see

we rummaging for anything to quench our thirst

at sea

and they let us on their shores

but really they just want to send us back on our way

it’s too hard back home

but it’s not proving to be easy here either

at least here we know we won’t be bombed

or killed for no reason

for a war we don’t understand

you can starve us here too

we’ll find a way

make a plan

make it work

don’t you know we just want to work

to go to school

to graft like you

I would apologise for my nationality

but I’m still waiting on an apology from you  for degrading my family

we don’t need to chew each other’s flesh in this way

we can be at peace

I’ll share my food with you

you can have the last cloth that’s on my back

but I know you don’t want my necessities

you just want that green paper

that Queen

people have five homes whilst ours are in heaven

I wouldn’t have it any other way

no exchange


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Tick Tock

For a minute there I forgot

I actually dared to forgive …but I lost

The scars you have rendered my heart to strain

Everytime the walls break, the darkness begins to fade

But then there it is again

That echo you left behind

You know that ticking and beating that dreadful crime

Of you squeezing my heart until the blood dried

You don’t remember…

Must have been a lie


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Thinking Out Loud

How do I lead my loved ones with me? Where I’m going there’s plenty of room for them to be. They just need to bow their heads to succeed.

But right now they won’t come with me.

I’ll hold their hands i’ll guide them through, encourage them and make them smile too.

Obviously only God can change their route. But they’ve been given free-will to also use.

But right now they won’t follow suit.

I know I can be rough and judgemental, it probably pushes them further away

and I know what it is, to be up in the dunya– all day, everyday, But when one strays, one must return

For the Lord has promised our return to Him. We must obey.

But right now they are leading their own disarray and

I’m just sitting here thinking out loud, wondering what I can do to save their face.


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I feel like

I’m not being grateful

If I write my lines of poetry

only when i’m hateful

I feel like

I’m not being real

If i don’t portray the days

when all is going well

Today i don’t want to scream from the rooftops

or smash someone’s skull-

or smash my own against a wall;

Today is pretty slow

But i feel content

I feel good and that is the truth;

I woke up early- went to work- ate healthy food

My thoughts are clear, concise

not erratic

and i believe i’m making sense

but i don’t know why

I cannot write this

Everytime i’m this content


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Of Anger of anger

There is a place where confusion and anger collide

The horns of devils and the wings of angels lock in a fit of war

Will peace override the torrents of fear seeping through your veins?

Will the angels flap their wings of light and elevate your pain

God has warned us against rashness, warned us to reconsider

When the clock ticks in the background as you shudder to remember

The warnings, the climax of emotion that overspill as tears

Of anger, Remember

It is better this way.


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Death Comes Knocking

Death knocked on the door of the child and gently rocked her to sleep

She lay her head against the chest of a heart that did not beat

And no-one wept because no-one knew her name her identity

But Death came knocking on her door and took all memories

She no longer cried no longer smiled no longer worried no longer cared

She did not feel anger, pride or fear or anything that could be compared

To this feeling that she was experiencing this awe of a place that she’d heard;

Gardens of joy and waterfalls of peace now death was a distant purr

A soft breeze a fruit off a tree so sweet was every piece

This place was amazing I wish I could take you But it’s a place every man will not meet

*    *   *

But yes Death will greet you happily

Lets hope it is with good fortune

That he takes you right and you don’t steer left

To doom despair and torture