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The Traveller

You can walk for days on end

in the blistering heat

cracked feet

eyes squinting as the Sun refuses to give way

the traveller’s prayers are destined to be granted

destiny always has a part to play

But that’s not why we take this path today

It seems we are unconsciously walking on

Wondering when we will find that force so strong

to rock our boat

set our compass

align the stars as one would say

so we can plod, we can glide, briskly or swiftly

we can stroll we can limp

but we’ll meet strangers

other travellers

trying to find where they are going

along this gravelly smooth jagged and open road

the high fast anxious seas

to our peaceful destination


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Second to Last

The cussing the fighting

the breaks and the crying

the pain is denying me

from even trying

What is the point.. when you’re missing the point

the defining part of everything’s gone.

You’re raising others on a platform where I stood,

So imma brush off my kicks and just stand where I’m stood

On my own two feet on my own misunderstood

With the weight of the world dragging out my blood

Just for once, just this once, don’t be blunt, spare my feelings, just for once sugar coat the feelings, or lack of, just for once

Just for once, just this once, don’t be blunt, spare me failure, just for once, sugar coat the feelings of failure just this once

Hard-work is a frame of mind and so is defeat

Hard-work can give you success but so can defeat

It’s harder to come up again when you’re feeling weak

but if you’re not tested in this world

your future is bleak!

It’s a lot when things get hard you’re meant to look at someone less

but I’m accustomed to striving for the best

If I put in the hours and graft you know that I want it

so when I cry at this test of Allah I’m just being honest

They say the answer will reveal how much effort you put in

but those grades don’t reflect my dedication

It’s blatant

In a system of division

Where only the strong from birth will conquer

Entering this competition

Is just cold-blooded murder

So it’s a lot it’s a lot

but you can’t quit now

because a quitter never made it off the ground

And what’s worse than failing is not trying in the first place

so even if I get up I’ll be aiming for second to last place

and that in itself is better than giving up

so fix your hijab, back straight and stick your chin up



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The Rant

Tests of all kinds

hitting me like the meteors

some eagerly await

I’m not playing

this is fear in my voice

my heads bowed in disgrace

you should wonder about your life here in this world

it’s so temporary

yet people fighting over class wars

and making enemies

it’s all fake

I made a mistake of falling for lyrics

until I started to create my own

to remind myself to stay with it

and now I share it

it’s great

why can’t we learn before we make mistakes

too many people walking around with misery

and heartache

jolting each other awake

there’s traps out here that kids learn how to set in school

imagine those sets they put you in

elevated you 

or downgraded you

where are you on this hierarchy my friend

coz I’ve got friends living in luxury

some on the government’s p’s

but make no error in judgement

there’s just as much dirty laundry in either estate

so put your negativity away

this life’s too short for class wars

if my accent offends you then that’s great

I walked past you and 

made you have an opinion of me

within a second

damn I prepped for nothing

my presentation might not be perfect

but I still kill it on wordpress

at least to me

even one reader who takes to these words

and elevates

is someone who I appreciate

take my words as a warning

like that of lowkey

it’s a shame

when people gotta learn from mistakes

of their own and not others

learn from history and don’t repeat

listen don’t be offended by my accent my religion

my appearance my criticisms

don’t be afraid

instead look at this world objectively

and realise that when something blows up on the media

it’s because something else is going on somewhere else

and distracting you

from something great

great don’t mean it’s goood

but it’s still make it great

open your eyes

next time come at me with more educated guesses

and we can sit around drink coffee and debate this

but the thing is

before I can lure you to listen

I already know it’s too late


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They said be subtle

don’t wear your emotions on your sleeve

for everyone to see

it aint fair

they’ll take your feelings 

so be aware

tread with care

maybe with some fear

the good kind

keep you on edge

not the edge of the cliff

but the edge of this fine line

between human and a robot

yeah right there

now swing both-ways

now and again

throughout the year

maybe a few times 

depending on what comes your way

and what you’re dodging



right left right left

just don’t stop

don’t get stuck in no limbo

coz nature will have you tip towards being human

your moral compass with go crazy

and you’ll be fuming


feeling gloomy

with all your pity and self-doubt 

that the world dumped on your shoulders

from their criticism and comments

likes and sore thanks

lucky they have a rewind button

they call it rehab

it’s when people don’t appreciate what they had

it’s quit sad

don’t play that card

unless shit gets real hard

then retreat and resume

back on that fine line 

that place in the middle

the heart versus the head

that place

i believe it’s called




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See Me (open letter)

Screaming through the silence

waiting for those screams back

it’s cold

but I don’t feel it anymore

the wind forces me to look down

while I’m still tryna fight

this war

too much for little shoulders

we floating on lifelines

looking life-like

but like those plastic models

you pay loads to go and see

just come out to sea

and see

we rummaging for anything to quench our thirst

at sea

and they let us on their shores

but really they just want to send us back on our way

it’s too hard back home

but it’s not proving to be easy here either

at least here we know we won’t be bombed

or killed for no reason

for a war we don’t understand

you can starve us here too

we’ll find a way

make a plan

make it work

don’t you know we just want to work

to go to school

to graft like you

I would apologise for my nationality

but I’m still waiting on an apology from you  for degrading my family

we don’t need to chew each other’s flesh in this way

we can be at peace

I’ll share my food with you

you can have the last cloth that’s on my back

but I know you don’t want my necessities

you just want that green paper

that Queen

people have five homes whilst ours are in heaven

I wouldn’t have it any other way

no exchange


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Middle ground

Stretch out my hand

for the little kid from outta town

We both seen war

But I’m sitting here on concrete

whilst you enjoy sirens

that take you to safety


An analogy

You can call it what you want

opposites or my fantasy

Picture it all day long

But this is my reality

Everything is wrong

We are strangers to peace

Pretend to be strong

The grass is greener on the other side of the wall

Well hell yeah coz grass dont even grow here anymore

it’s a fallacy, this thing called peace

they be preaching a remedy  grab a gun and fight the enemy

I’m rambling but rubble is tumbling around me

I halt against the smoke of nuclear weaponry

it’s dangerous to dream, even think of being free

you can’t give hope to kids living with PTSD

and I hear these foreigners tryna speak accents melodramatic

but the arabs sip their tea lounging the leaders stay static

no freedom or peace it’s our homeland that we’re trapped in

they say the Middle East is collapsing, now who sounds like a fanatic?

we running on the beach

playing footy 2014

fisherman’s boys

it’s a nice scene

then we get hit

they think we’re Hamas like we holding weapons

then we get hit

they think we recruits full of venom

we as young as 10 and they killed him alive

now I’m traumatised

I can hardly sleep at night

all I see when I close my eyes is my brother running free

then struck down from a rocket in the sky

it’s misery

trauma centres don’t make sense but they welcome me

I can write it all down but his voice will always follow me

and the world can rally round but when will we have peace?

when will we have peace?

how many more family members do we bury?

how many more little brothers predecease me?

how many more mothers gotta cry for their babies?

how many more times are you gna try and kill me?

it’s a tragedy

it’s reality

it’s my tragedy

it’s my reality


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Deadly Living

Same mode. Serious face on. 

Smirking at the edges- decisions can’t be undone

Worried eyes. Disguised. 

By the holes in the mask but not the base of your heart. 


Revealing. Mutiny. Revenge

Your causing a revolt in us beginners on the edge of becoming sinister

Delivering. Vanquish. Never content.

Strategies of innocence forcing forces to collide outside

in the room where we greet each other with off cheek kisses

no well wishes

this poisons delicious

red lips from the meat of your brothers

when you say you love one another

then talk shit at the back of another

we’re like drug-dealers

breathe it all in

You give me something I give you too that’s consideration

with no hesitation we sending each other our deeds no deliberating

on the consequences of our exchanges

I’m sneezing out the dirt in this air that you guys are filling with your empty words


I laugh till it hurts

the sound penetrates the atmosphere until the roses wither at the cries

the sun doesn’t shine on the hearts in these parts

but the rain offers more blessings and the people here deny

They sit in their shelters


Rain ruined your hair. Disbelief. 

The rose won’t rise for you. Make believe.

They say a coward doesn’t own up to his misgivings

So give back to your misses the one you left for your mistress

the etiquettes of a vow are lost on selfish beings

so don’t take that leap if you know your just vowing to leave

Throwing up the puke of the lies that you feed 

The angry disease on our screens

violence and sex in videos and tv

baby’s first words are “I wanna be in a movie”

Not I wanna go school coz education has value

Priceless yet tuition fees rise gradual

Knowledge is power it paves the best way

So seek wisdom from the cradle to the grave 

We teach children to smile even when they’re hurt

Learn from experience that it’s not gna work

Tell them to shed a tear it’s healthy for your healing

We got cells full of kids in juvy not grieving

teachers bang heads on walls as they feel they cannot guide them

and the parents are stuck in a system where they can’t even provide for them

It’s hard for us, it’s hard for them 

Ladies have shame keep your guard from men

I know it’s hard to make ends meet

but don’t throw off your garms it’ll make you cheap

like concrete they walk all over you

give yourself respect and the world will follow suit

it’s simple logic, 1+2

they did tell you that? deja vu

Last note for the predators

the so-called friends

who sweet talk you for a favour

use you like it’s a trend

ready for a season then disregarded at the end

sorry not sorry my time aint on lend

That’s your truth

Now live.


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The Note

It will break my heart

the heart that is now losing its beat for life

to know that you smiled or laughed

whilst I was being crushed inside of my cloth

-but that would be selfish of me

to not allow you to move on

so I must sit and wonder for a new wish

a lasting wish

that would be gratuitous

or generous

a lasting wish for yourself, no, for me

but for me I ask for your prayers

not tears

unless in anguish

thinking of your own torment

that awaits

if you do not take heed

-so take heed

I plead with you

take heed

for when this time comes

and the cloth is spun

around your privates

around your legs

the ones you once proudly walked with

those feet you stood your ground on

that strong torso that carried the weight of your pain

those shoulders that nestled others problems

and then those hands that have been wrapped already

that try to stop the cloth strangling your mouth and your nose and your eyes

those eyes that could not see the signs that were there

when this time comes

you will be able to see

a light

a light that you welcome

because you know you took heed

you saw the signs

and you acted

walking swiftly towards your Lord

you took heed

and now as you are lifted and lowered

you smile with your index finger of your right hand raised

as the soft ground lets you rest

awaiting your kingdom that has been promised to you


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Terrorists in Uniform pockets full of Steel

Run for your life be light on your heels

Undercover thugs with their badges and their steel

Trigger happy pigs going back five decades

Remembering when you couldn’t even enter certain places

But what’s changed now?

You still see a brother running through the crowd

getting chased for being too black and proud

getting chased for using his voice and making sound

Uniforms are power and that just is the truth

Uniform speaks volumes even if it’s killing youths

Trayvon didn’t matter not to them not in the room

BANG BANG BANG George spitting on his tomb

Failed justice system

Failed government

Failing children

Failed president

You can sit in your cushy house nice and white

while your people getting slaughtered by the constitutional rights

You can sit with your family speak the Queen’s English

while the education system produces illiterates

Address the problems in your own society

before invading others

and making them your priority

betraying others

it’s a crime of superiority

and that just aint got a place in our struggle

So what’s gna change?

the blame lies where the blame is

and that just aint gna influence shit

So we stuck where we are

With nothing but words to translate the pain

of another man down and another betrayal

by the terrorists in uniform with pockets full of steel